The House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties is holding a hearing today on reparations, with actor Danny Glover being Hollywood’s contribution to the conversation.

As Twitchy reported, Twitter’s self-proclaimed No. 1 race-baiter, Tariq Nasheed, took his typical cheap shots at former Oakland Raider Burgess Owens, who also testified on Capitol Hill today and reaffirmed his stance against slavery reparations.

Quilette columnist Coleman Hughes also testified against reparations, saying he didn’t want to be made a victim without his consent.

This is good stuff:

Agreed. But why is it that TV comedy writers consistently come up with some of the worst takes on Twitter? Here’s comedian and TV writer Rae Sanni:

Funny stuff. And it really makes you think about reparations.

Liberal comedian? Lifetime pass.

Sanni really hates that word, by the way.

Or, you know, never.

Hey, look, Nasheed showed up just in time to get in on the racism: