Plastic straw bans have mostly hit the left coast in cities such as Seattle and San Francisco, but even Pope Francis weighed in on the threat to the oceans of plastic waste like drinking straws, and Washington, D.C. was sending out environmental inspectors to ensure restaurants weren’t breaking the ban.

In June last year, Santa Barbara, Calif., passed an ordinance that put Seattle’s to shame, ordering that a second infraction of the law could face a maximum fine of $1,000 and up to six months in jail. No wonder waitresses are wary to give out straws on request.

Newsweek noted that Santa Barbara’s law “does include exemptions in consideration of the Americans with Disabilities Act,” which is the first thing many Twitchy readers noted when we first started writing about straw bans — what about kids, the elderly, and the disabled?

Here’s a thread we saw earlier this week but held off on covering because “moe” said all the attention was giving her anxiety and she had to mute her notifications … she never expected her story to blow up on Twitter, but she appreciates all the well wishes.

We want moe’s story told, though — it shows an ugly side to the plastic straw ban that everyone (except the politicians passing them) knew was coming.


Guess that’s what happens when you threaten a waitress with six months in jail for handing out a plastic straw.

What has happened to you, United Kingdom? Replacing pointy knives with blunt ones so they can’t be used as weapons, and this too?

Here’s the hero of our story: