Apparently restaurants are being a bit slow to comply with the plastic straw ban in Washington, DC. Don’t make them have to ask twice!

From the “having solved all other problems” department we find this:

Environmental inspectors began enforcing the District’s new plastic straw ban Tuesday, and so far, there’s a lot of room for improvement.

Of the first six restaurants Environmental Protection Specialist Lillian Power inspected inside of Union Station, all six – Shake Shack, Thunder Grill, Le Pain Quotidien, Pret A Manger, Au Bon Pain, and Sbarro – were still using plastic straws.

Overall only six of the 33 restaurants that were inspected provided customers with compliant compostable alternatives.

“The ban has been in effect for like six, seven days now so what we’ve seen is a mixed bag,” Power said.

According to the report, non-compliant restaurants will only get warnings until July, at which time “fines will range from $100 to $800.”