As Twitchy reported Monday, 2020 hopeful Kirsten Gillibrand announced that at last, over the weekend, she’d finally reached the 65,000-donor threshold, guaranteeing her a spot at the first Democratic primary debate. It was either that or place in three national polls specified by the DNC.

We’ve noted quite a few times the instances where candidate Eric Swalwell has made a video begging for just a dollar, because it looks like he’s not going to qualify for the debates with these poll numbers:

We’re not surprised, but still … wow.

No one likes being threatened with a nuclear strike, either.

He could still make it to the White House. Maybe Kamala Harris will pull an Obama and decide she needs her own white dude who says stupid things to balance out her ticket.

“The Yang Gang” is curb-stomping this guy.

Don’t forget … he’s the son of two Republicans, so he can’t even count on mom and dad.

Remember when he was dumb enough to remind people they could take the dollar they could donate to his campaign and buy half a bag of chips instead? He lost in a landslide to half a bag of chips.

Plus, don’t forget that one time he walked an extra block in a Manhattan “snowstorm” so he didn’t have to buy coffee at Trump Tower … what a hero.

Probably pretty good; he’s always been in front of CNN’s camera when they need someone to bash Trump. Maybe he can intern as Jim Acosta’s bodyguard for a year to get a feel for cable news.