As Twitchy has reported earlier, to qualify for a spot on the already crowded Democrat primary debate stage, you either have to place somewhere in three specific polls or show that you have amassed 65,000 unique donors to your campaign. As someone who consistently polls at 0 percent, Gillibrand was counting on the donors to get her over the threshold. (It’s also why we suspect Eric Swalwell keeps posting videos begging for one dollar.)

And … drum roll, please … Gillibrand finally managed to con 65,000 people into donating money to her campaign, although we don’t know how many kicked in a buck just to see her on the debate stage for a laugh.

Congratulations and on to the next step in your national humiliation:

Remember, she’s never lost a race, so President Gillibrand is an inevitability.

Exactly: we want to see 24 people up on that debate stage all at once, each pushing the others further left.

Your move, Swalwell.