We know, thick-skinned Media Matters alumnus Carlos Maza is the guy no one had heard of until a week ago, and we’re already sick of him too, but the guy did open a can of worms just as YouTube decided to purge thousands of channels and Twitter released its new community guidelines.

As Twitchy asked earlier, does Maza’s tweet encouraging the public to “milkshake” the far-right and “humiliate them at every turn” until they “dread public organizing” run up against Twitter’s new rules? It certainly sounds like “the glorification of violence,” which is a no-no.

As Twitchy also reported, the SPLC applauded YouTube’s blanket removal of videos that have made the platform “a global organizing tool for the radical right” (not the radical left, though — you’re cool, Antifa), even though by pulling down Nazi propaganda videos the service ended up banning a respected history teacher for his educational archive of “hate speech.”

So in short, both YouTube and Twitter are trying to “help,” spurred on by Maza, who claims he’s just trying to create a safe environment for LGBT content creators — probably the same reason he joined MMFA to shut down Fox News.

The reason we include all of that background is simply to illustrate that progressives considered violence and assault perfectly acceptable as long as it’s directed against the right people. That’s certainly why Maza hasn’t taken down his “milkshake” tweet — he’s talking about scaring the far-right from ever organizing in public again — even when they do it’s like nine guys on a Dayton sidewalk.

So when pollster Frank Luntz asked Maza if he’d felt he’d been harassed if someone pelted him with a milkshake, here’s the answer he got:

Hmm, that’s a good question, let me think for a moment …

Blocked? But we thought Maza 1) had thick skin and 2) was all about civilized political discourse. For someone who’s been crying for weeks about Steven Crowder picking on him, he sure knows how to hit a block button when he doesn’t feel like engaging.

But like we said, the radical left certainly feel Maza was perfectly within his rights; after all, he’s talking about the radical right. Check out this tough guy:

You also support home-grown mobs in matching black hoodies and kerchiefs meting out justice — even if they beat up the wrong guy because he was — gasp! — wearing an American flag and probably a Trump supporter.


It’s D-Day — a time to remember when actual men defeated the Nazis for real on the battlefield, not jumped some white supremacist clown on a public sidewalk. If Maza can learn to use a block button he might lay off the authoritarian crap under the guise of creating an online safe-space.