There have been examples of Russia trying to interfere with the 2016 election, and in November 2017, the House Intelligence Committee displayed examples of Facebook ads paid for by Russian actors “to drive home their concern about foreign governments ‘weaponizing’ social media content.”

As Twitchy reported, those Facebook ads displayed during the hearing included a meme of a devil-horned Hillary Clinton arm wrestling Jesus Christ and a coloring-book page of a buff Bernie Sanders doing muscle poses in a Speedo. Those are what apparently swung the election to Donald Trump.

But now that President Trump has retweeted a slowed-down video of Pelosi slurring her speech and Facebook has declined to remove it, the speaker is convinced that yes, Facebook was a willing enabler of Russian interference.

That’s quite the non sequitur.

As Twitchy favorite Stephen Miller (aka @redsteeze) pointed out, Facebook had better take down Jimmy Kimmel’s slowed-down videos of #DrunkDonaldTrump — those are false too.

Look, we all had a good laugh when a Twitter project lead said the company’s No. 1 priority was “election integrity.” Not only do we not trust them to do it right; we just don’t trust them. Same goes for Facebook. Let the smart people figure out what’s fake (or a parody — looking at you, Snopes) and what’s real.

See Jimmy Kimmel, above. He can do it because it’s a joke, see? And besides being America’s conscience, he’s supposedly a comedian too.

And their agenda will make you vote for Trump again.