In case you didn’t know, Gab promotes itself as “The Free Speech Social Network” and is trying to lure Twitter users who feel they’re being censored to its social media platform. It also engaged in a nice bit of corporate trolling Tuesday after a project lead at Twitter said parenthetically that “election integrity” is Twitter’s top priority.

That’s quite a big admission to make in parentheses, and Gab was quick to jump on it:

Solid burn.

We’re old enough to remember when @GayPatriot had his account locked for abusive behavior after calling Chelsea Manning “Bradley.”

It’s no secret that we rely on Twitter for material, so we were interested to see what Kayvon had to say about Twitter’s verification process, and why so many blue-checks we’ve never heard of seem to get away with truly abusive behavior on the platform.

OK, brace yourself for this next tweet:

All 90 percent of Twitter users want is an edit button to fix typos, but Twitter’s team is “focused on information quality ahead of the elections.” Honestly — somewhere between the time that Hillary lost and the Russian collusion narrative caught fire, someone floated the idea that “fake news” on social media had cost her the election, and social media companies are still running with that.


Anyway, back to election integrity and why it’s so important:

He’s got a point: mainstream media outlets with blue checks like CNN spread plenty of fake news on Twitter, but we trust ourselves to sort it out.

How dare you accuse Twitter of being liberal, just because its CEO backtracked after being caught eating at a Chick-fil-A during Pride Month.

Yeah, Chick-fil-A is anti-gay … more fake news.