This post is just your regular reminder that Media Matters for America is the nation’s premier media watchdog and works to keep us safe from extremist media outlets like The Federalist, which editor-at-large Parker Molloy recent declared “pretty much the most pro-theocracy website in the country.”

We’d wager there are some Islamist websites that are pretty much pro-theocracy, but that’s because we’re conservatives and therefore Islamophobic.

But do you know what website is really biased toward conservatives? Twitter.

No, really:

You see, President Trump met with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for a half-hour Tuesday, and the two obviously discussed what Twitter could do to facilitate Trump’s reelection in 2020, duh. Maybe shadowban some big liberal accounts?

A half-hour isn’t long; we wonder how much time alt-right darling, Louis Farrakhan fangirl, and Women’s March co-founder Tamika Mallory spent admiring the Black Lives Matter wall at Twitter headquarters in March.

And this is the same company that emblazoned #Ferguson on its wall in enormous letters while Dorsey handed out roses to protesters on the ground there. Real right-wing stuff.

Wow, Molloy really makes a strong case there, like when Media Matters told Ben Shapiro, “F**k you and the burro you rode in on” after Media Matters alumnus Talia Lavin smeared him as alt-right and anti-Muslim in the Washington Post after the Notre Dame fire.

There’s more to the conversation, but Molloy really brings it home here:

She’s already blocked us, and she can spend her night blocking all these people too.