Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, a St. Louis native, was on the ground in Ferguson relatively early after the shooting of Michael Brown, marching with protesters, tweeting pictures from the scene, and even handing out roses to demonstrators.

It’s no surprise, then, to find that someone has painted #Ferguson in huge letters on the wall at Twitter headquarters.

Some criticized Twitter for not allowing #Ferguson to trend on Twitter itself.

As TechCrunch explained last week, there are technical reasons that kept #Ferguson from dominating Twitter for the week:

…Twitter trends are determined not by the total volume of tweets, but the acceleration of those tweets. A trend is a reflection of that acceleration, relative to the acceleration of other tweets about other subjects.

So people who didn’t see a #Ferguson hashtag may have had nothing but their own network of friends to blame. Or they may have been located somewhere that the hashtag wasn’t accelerating more quickly than the other hashtags that were being displayed to them.

To be clearer: Twitter wouldn’t – and didn’t – actively censor or remove this trend.

#Ferguson did receive special treatment at Twitter HQ, however. What next? There must be more walls in the building.