As Twitchy told you, Ben Shapiro called out the Washington Post and Talia Lavin for Lavin’s disgusting smear job lumping Ben Shapiro in with alt-right white supremacists.

And here’s how “America’s premier progressive media watchdog” Media Matters decided to wade into the fray:

What part of that tweet constitutes being a premier media watchdog? We’re not really seeing it … are you?

Swap “Ben” and “@chick_in_kiev” and that tweet is completely accurate. Talia Lavin was wrongly and misleadingly trying to rile people up against Shapiro. Media Matters knows it and instead of doing what is ostensibly their job and calling Lavin out, they’re putting whatever muscle they’ve got into pushing Lavin’s false narrative. And lashing out at Shapiro for having an infinitely better understanding of the media than they do.



Oh wait, guys. MMFA would like to add some “context” so you’ll understand where they’re coming from:


That seems to be the playbook they’ve settled on, yes.