We’ve said it before, but 2020 is going to be lit. As Twitchy reported earlier, Rep. Eric Swalwell — the congressman who told gun owners that any uprising against the government could be put down with nukes — has decided to jump into the race and focus on gun control as his pet issue. That should backfire spectacularly, no pun intended.

Don’t forget, though, that would-be motivational speaker Cory Booker is still out there trying to get to that one percentage point in the polls, and he says he’s part of the movement to take the NRA down. Seems he didn’t appreciate being the subject of an NRATV video:

“The movement to take it down.” Yes, Sen. Booker, when a presidential candidate is threatening citizens’ Second Amendment rights, the NRA is going to take notice. Noir let Booker know that he’d meet him at a CNN town hall just like Dana Loesch’s show trial a week after the Parkland shooting.

Come on, CNN, let’s do this thing … everyone knows you need the ratings.

Speaking of Loesch, that “take it down” comment from Booker didn’t go unnoticed by her, either.

Just noise with no purpose — well said.