Dear Lord, this is embarrassing.

Cory Booker looks like he’s really got to use the bathroom or something, right?


HEY, if we have to suffer through this so do you.

He totally has a Howard Dean moment here … YEAAAAAAH!

But he’s gonna push progress through! HE GOT ALL SHOUTY so that proves it!


Yeah, Democrats tried to stop the whole civil rights thing but hey, he was rolling. Surprised he didn’t go on a rant about how Germany bombed Pearl Harbor.



He even sort of stood like this character. YES!

Gonna be a long year and a half … yup.


Wow, THAT’S awkward! Hollywood Reporter gets it REALLY WRONG tweeting pic of Pete Buttigieg, tries deleting (but we got it!)

She MAD! An ANGRY AOC tries lecturing Tucker Carlson about ‘productive discourse’, TRIPS over her own tweets SPECTACULARLY

‘Uh, NO.’ Ted Cruz takes Yahoo News to the SHED for piece claiming he ‘missed AOC’s point’ about croissants and DAMN

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