Tucker Carlson dropped a whole lotta truth on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, her Green New Deal, and especially on her silly Town Hall on MSNBC.

From Mediaite:

… “So it’s official. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a moron and nasty and more self-righteous than any televangelist who ever preached a sermon on cable access. She’s not impressive, she’s awful.”

“You hate to admit it, given the source,” Carlson said, “but try to ignore the way she said it––maybe just print it out and read it––a lot of it’s basically true. Neither party wants to talk about this. The Republicans are in fetal position… they’ll do anything not to be unpopular. The Democrats want what they’ve always wanted, total and complete control over you and this country. Neither party will say that our economy at its core is badly distorted.”


Hey, he gave her credit for something too though, right?

Guess how our favorite Socialist Democrat took it?

Truth hurts, eh AOC?

Remember when she trashed Sen. Mike Lee and claimed if he could be a senator anyone could? Yeah, she’s totally into productive discourse.


At least Brian Krassenstein is on her side.


Someone get a mirror for her timeline … quick.


Such an inconvenient truth.


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