Rep. Eric Swalwell flexed his political muscles for Debra Messing and it’s at this point that we are truly and officially DEAD.

Give our best to Ron Perlman … tell him we’ll miss him most of all.


Wait, we LIVE! Who knew?

Ok, so you can be as troubled as this editor, here’s the whole story and why Swalwell ‘flexed’ (admit it, you did an all-over grossed-out body shiver when you read that). It all started with this tweet from our pal, Larry Tribe.

Sorry, Laurence.

Gosh, thanks for the legal analysis, Larry.

It was enough to rattle Debra Messing though who tagged her heroes …

This was funny all on its own but Eric’s response to Debra takes the cake.

Barr has already said Congress will receive the report but HEY, nice flex, Eric.

No amount of posturing on the pieces that are illegal to release makes this any less pathetic. Yeah yeah, they look like giant doorknobs having spent two years insisting Trump colluded (and Mueller found he did NOT) so they need something to make themselves look less pathetic but c’mon guys.

Oh, sidenote, Eric has told people not to tell people he’s running for president and announcing in a couple of weeks. He’s like the male version of AOC, except not nearly as popular. Man, we hope there’s not a video of him out there dancing on a roof.

Whoa … any means NECESSARY.



Thanks for the laugh, tough guy.


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