Yeah yeah, we know you know Rachel Maddow is off her rocker already, but wowza, when you see her prattling on about Russia and the paranoia she was trying to spread to her audience about Trump in one compilation it really hits home about how unhinged not only Maddow is, but the entire media.

This broad ain’t right; it honestly reminds us of the crazy old man who lives on the corner and yells at clouds.



Tick tick tick.

When you watch it like this it almost feels like some sort of brainwashing which it totally super tinfoil but man, this is a little creepy honestly. Repeating the same things over, and over, and over again.

What he said.

Not sayin’ much.


And yet here we are, laughing at her.

This editor watched the whole thing.

Granted, this editor probably needs a cookie and a nap now but still, watched it. See the sacrifices we make for you people?!


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