President Trump is right, Congress needs to fix asylum and the loopholes in our immigration system ASAP. There IS a crisis at our southern border and Democrats playing politics and claiming there’s not only hurts the country and the people trying to enter illegally.


Hell yeah.

As we said, the dude is right.

No more games, no more politics, Congress must deal with this crisis now. Rep. Dan Crenshaw used simple math for the slam dunk:

It’s not debatable anymore.

But that won’t stop our dear, good, delicate friends on the Left from debating it over, and over, and over, and over again. What else can they run on? Raising taxes? Supporting infanticide? Stealing guns from legal, law-abiding citizens? If they can’t pretend Trump only wants to close the border because he’s a YUGE racist they don’t have much for 2020.

And with a base like this, who could blame them?

Yes, it’s all Texas’ fault.

Or maybe, and we’re just spitballing here, maybe we need to improve border security and the law so these families don’t endanger themselves coming here illegally in the first place? Maybe?

But then he doesn’t explain how it’s debatable and what’s inaccurate.


This guy shouldn’t talk about his mom like that, right?

Jeebus, Larry, and clothespins …

We’re done here.


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