During her Green New Deal Town Hall with MSNBC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claimed the 22nd Amendment was passed because evil Republicans wanted to keep FDR from running again. Forget that FDR was dead when it passed and stuff, because you know, it’s like more important to be morally right than factually right.

And stuff.

Wasn’t Newsweek sold for a dollar? Guess you could say you get what you pay for …

From Newsweek:

“FDR did die in office in ‘45 and the 22nd amendment did come in ‘47 but Congress did start the legislative process in 1944 prior to his death so that he would not be reelected,” another Twitter user wrote in Ocasio-Cortez’s defense. “It was not ratified soon enough and he won in ‘44. AOC did not misspeak, friends.”

The National Constitution Center also had Ocasio-Cortez’s back. On its website, the nonpartisan organization explained: “Talk about a presidential term-limits amendment started in 1944, when Republican candidate Thomas Dewey said a potential 16-year term for Roosevelt was a threat to democracy.

They’re trying so hard. So, so, SO SO hard.

It would be sad if it weren’t so hilarious.

But if we spin this tweet this way and that quote that way … yeah, no.

Ok, so let’s pretend we take Newsweek seriously on this and argue their point.


But nice try, Newsweek.

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