Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Town Hall on the Green New Deal on MSNBC was a total success. And by ‘success’ we mean a complete sh*t-show of epic stupid that we can probably write about for days and days (maybe weeks). From blaming an intern for the Green New Deal FAQ debacle to talking about the ‘grain’ we feed our cows, it was a real humdinger.

But perhaps the best SNAFU of the night came when our favorite Socialist Democrat was talking about FDR and the 22nd Amendment.


AOC needs a history refresher … serio.

And Chris Hayes sat there with his thumb up his butt the whole time. He should have corrected her probably a dozen times but NOPE.


Not an unfair request.

It’s not that she’s stupid, it’s just that so much of what she knows is WRONG.


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