Denise has apologized and deleted the tweet to Yashar.

As the Sunday morning editor, it’s always ‘interesting’ to cover any sort of drama and/or chaos that occurs on Twitter on a Saturday night. Yeah, interesting, that’s it.

And boy howdy, with the blow-up between Denise McAllister and Yashar Ali it was even more ‘interesting’ than usual.

Here’s the basic rundown between what went down with Denise and Yashar as far as we understand it …

  • Denise tweeted about her husband getting cranky with her during the North Carolina NCAA Tournament game.
  • Yashar thought it was sad.
  • Denise got angry.

The end.

Ok, so she didn’t just get angry, she got so off-the-rails, RAGE-angry that she was let go by The Federalist and no longer writes for The Daily Wire.

It all started here:

Should Yashar have just screen-capped Denise instead of tagging her? No.

Should she have lost her sh*t over THIS tweet though? No no. Maybe a simple, ‘Yashar, mind your own business,’ tweet would have sufficed? Eh, what do we know?

You know that face you make when you just can’t even? Yeah, made that face.

We’re not actually including all of her tweets … let’s just say we’re pretty sure Hallmark won’t be including her prose in any birthday or Christmas cards anytime soon. And as we mentioned up top, The Federalist let her go.

And then she herself mentioned that she quit The Daily Wire:

She then wished The Federalist well:

Sort of.

Alrighty then.

Yashar did tweet this …

Like we said … INTERESTING.




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