Watching little nobody Democratic Reps like David Cicilline from Rhode Island trying desperately to get attention from big-wig party yahoos like Adam Schiff is just seriously so painful.

It’s ok, little guy, someone will pay attention to you and your tiny little state someday.

Or not.

This guy has said some epically stupid crap (over the weekend he was telling people Trump was talking about executing journalists), but even we’ve just yawned at his sad little tweets because it’s obvious he’s trying too hard. And sadly for him, the only reason we bothered with him this time around is that Rep. Dan Crenshaw made an example of him on Twitter.

Sorry, not sorry.

Dan Crenshaw is our spirit animal. True story.

We love that he’s adding this to his ‘mean tweets’ list.

Little David won’t apologize, he’s too busy trying to get acknowledged by the cool kids in his own party.


Dude has a Captain America ‘eyeball,’ how can you NOT totally dig this guy?

Never a good thing.

They lost the election in 2016 and haven’t been able to accept it.

We’re looking at a nearly three-year-long tantrum now.

Exhausting, ain’t it?


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