Gotta love it when a bunch of smug, nosy, has-been Hollywood types try and bully a state into not passing legislation the people who actually live there want. Alyssa Milano and 80 other such a-holes have taken it upon themselves to threaten Georgia over their (hopefully) soon-to-be-the-law Heartbeat abortion ban.

Once there’s a heartbeat there’s life … seems pretty simple when you actually understand science, right?

Welp, even though Alyssa doesn’t live in Georgia, she and her uppity, annoying Hollywood pals think they can tell Georgians what to do by threatening them. Super classy.

Of course, Alyssa cares so much about Georgia she misspelled it but we digress.

And c’mon, the majority of the list threatening not to work in Georgia don’t really work anyway soooo … meh.

Really. Billy Baldwin? HA!

Nick Searcy responded as only he can:

If Alyssa really thinks the entertainment industry will turn up their nose at working in Georgia when they can save SO MUCH MONEY we have a bridge to sell her.

Oh, and then Dean Cain chimed in.


And then Kristy Swanson …

And what do you know, these folks have actually been WORKING.

Gosh, we’re starting to think Georgia will be just fine without people like Alyssa and Billy Baldwin (OMG that’s hilarious) ‘gracing’ them with their presence.


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