According to a report by the Atlantic, Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (California) is preparing to join the hordes of Dems already running or planning to run for president.

The focus of his campaign is, according to the report, going to be taking guns and attacking the NRA.

“Next week, Eric Swalwell is joining the pack. The California congressman and frequent cable-news guest on all things related to President Donald Trump and Russia will announce his presidential plans in an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. But he won’t be running on Russia, or on the continuing fallout from the Mueller report and the Barr letter. Swalwell will center his campaign on gun control.”

Because Democrats always have success when they make gun control a main general election issue.

The problem with Eric Swalwell’s running for president is, well, Eric Swalwell.

Using a Parkland survivor to announce a campaign primarily based on taking people’s guns and trumpeting the evils of the NRA.

What could go wrong?

As Hillary Clinton did in 2016, Swalwell’s going to need to stay silent and off camera to increase his potential of winning.

It’s gonna be lit … the fuse, that is.

Should be fun.


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