Yes, Beto O’Rouke has finally found himself after ditching his family, driving his car around aimlessly, and keeping a travel journal, and he’s officially running for president, even though he still hardly sounds like he wants the job.

Whether he’s tracking dirt all over the counter of a coffee bar in Iowa or doing some sort of bizarre hand-jive in a homemade video, he never actually gets around to any specifics; the most concrete thing we’ve gotten from him is his admission that he’d not only not build a border wall, but tear down existing barriers between the U.S. and Mexico (something Kirsten Gillibrand also said she could get behind).

So while he’s doing the “aw, shucks” routine in Iowa and speaking in platitudes, reporters are wondering if “hope, change, and unity can beat Trump,” or does O’Rourke have to develop into a bit of a street fighter if he wants to compete with the president.

He answered that question with another great big squish:

Wow, even Kamala Harris is going to deliver a good solid beat-down on this guy if he doesn’t show some testosterone soon.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the Kumbaya act goes over on a debate stage with 48 Democratic candidates all trying to convince voters they’re the one who can beat Trump.