Donald Trump is under fire for mocking Dem Beto O’Rourke for his wild hand movements in his 2020 launch video, telling the press this morning in the White House “I’ve never seen so much hand movement” and asking, “Is he crazy or that’s just how he acts?”

Now, it might be easier for media folks to hit back at the president over his remarks if they hadn’t had already made the same, exact observations.

Some examples. . .

Parker Molloy, Media Matters:

CNBC’s John Harwood:

Actor Michael Ian Black:

Elaine Godfrey, The Atlantic:

Writer Dave Kilon:

Richard Chambers, reporter:

J.D. Tuccille, Reason:

Henry Blodget, Business Insider:

And all we can look at when he speaks are Beto’s crazy jazz hands: