Look, the Green New Deal is garbage. It was introduced by a socialist who prefers being “morally right” to being factually correct, is well out of reach of current technology, and would cost an estimated $94 trillion over its 10-year implementation, or around $650,000 per household.

But what really gets us is the cleanup effort by the people who introduced it, the presidential candidates who cosponsored it, and the mainstream media to assure us that the FAQ outlining the Green New Deal that was posted on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s own website and sent out to the media doesn’t represent what’s in the actual resolution. At all. Or maybe Ocasio-Cortez just pulled it off her website because it was widely ridiculed.

No surprise, then, that PolifiFact is helping clean up Ocasio-Cortez’s mess, again assuring us that the very FAQ her office put out isn’t anything like the actual resolution.

Look, they even made a video for her:

Sorry, but we read the FAQ, and it called for the construction of a national network of high-speed trains that would render most air travel unnecessary. Train travel was going to replace air travel. Guess not.

Something other than fossil fuels if they’re going to keep flying after the Green New Deal goes into effect. Come on; even Ocasio-Cortez answers critics of her Green New Deal by saying that at least she’s trying, and that makes her the boss.

Now that PolitiFact has fact-checked Rick Scott, are they going to fact-check the $650,000 cost per household? Because we’re kind of concerned about presidential candidates signing on to something like that.

Wow, where’d people get the idea the Green New Deal was concerned with cow farts? Especially when Ocasio-Cortez says you don’t need to eat hamburgers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.