As Twitchy reported Friday, The Bulwark, the site that rose out of the ashes of the #NeverTrump Weekly Standard and uses as its slogan “conserving conservatism,” decided to send liberal writer Molly Jong-Fast as its correspondent to CPAC, and people like Stephen Miller were stumped at how it was conserving conservatism to send someone to write about “extremely scary” pro-life panels with “very very very very anti-choice” hosts.

A day later, Bulwark editor-in-chief Charlie Sykes is still trying to explain the reasoning in sending not just a #NeverTrump conservative but an avowed progressive to cover CPAC.

Why not just send a “real” conservative if your readership is “real” conservatives? Why not let a liberal outlet hire her to cover CPAC?

It’s reminiscent of when Newsweek wrote of how conservatives pounced on that video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing and then cited exactly zero examples or when “real” conservative Ana Navarro tweeted about all the conservatives pouncing on Malia Obama over that photo of her drinking wine.