They’re doing the Lord’s work over at the Bulwark. When your tagline is “Conservatism Conserved,” you can’t afford to mess around. That’s why they’ve assigned a real conservative warrior to cover CPAC this week:

Why? So we can be blessed with a far-left pro-abort‘s perspective on conservatism? The state of American conservatism is fractured, to be sure. But last time we checked, hardcore liberals like Molly Jong-Fast don’t bring anything useful to the table. Unless you find embracing hardcore liberal positions useful for conserving conservatism.

Maybe he’s not as on the up-and-up as you thought.

It’s hard to argue with that assessment at this point.

Plenty of conservatives out there have figured out how to oppose Trump and remain conservative. It’s not all that difficult. So why is it so tough for the Bulwark?

Conserve that conservatism, Bulwark! Conserve it real good!

There’s nothing wrong with a big-tent approach to conservatism. But there’s something incredibly effed-up about the Bulwark.

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