For evidence that feminism has been corrupted even further by the pro-abortion movement, look no further than this piece by feminist writer Molly Jong-Fast:

In her Wall Street Journal piece, Molly Jong-Fast writes about how being told that her unborn child had a 25 percent chance of having a potentially fatal genetic disease is actually a great argument for keeping second-trimester abortions legal:

I wept every day. I thought endlessly about odds and what they meant. Seventy-five percent seemed good one minute; the next minute, I was devastated.

We arrived at the genetic counselor’s office to learn our results. It turned out we won the lottery. My baby was not affected, not even a carrier. He was born the following January, a strapping 9 pounds, 5 ounces. He is now 14, a freshman in high school. Having him was the greatest decision I ever made, but being forced to carry a terminally ill baby would have been the greatest tragedy of my life. That is why I am committed to keeping second-trimester abortions safe and legal.

That’s one hell of a logical leap, Molly. But then, facts don’t seem to be your strong suit:


Narrator: It did not make her look good.

How far we’ve fallen.