As Twitchy reported Wednesday night, surveillance video showed the brothers who were allegedly paid to stage a hate crime against Jussie Smollett purchasing black ski masks and red caps — guess they didn’t have any authentic MAGA hats on the “Empire” set they could have borrowed so they had to go with what they could find.

Of course, President Trump has tweeted about the case, and not surprisingly, he’s not happy that his supporters were smeared as racist homophobes who would tie a noose around a gay black man’s neck and douse him in bleach.

After the Covington Catholic debacle at the March for Life, there were plenty of hot takes on the red MAGA hat, like Alyssa Milano’s op-ed published by The Wrap equating the MAGA hat with a white Klan hood, or an NBC News op-ed writer who equated wearing a MAGA hat to wearing a swastika:

And kids in restaurants minding their own business are having the hats stolen off their heads after having drinks thrown in their faces. And old men in thrift stores are being harassed on camera just for daring to wear the hat. Gee, wonder why liberals are so hostile and easily triggered?

Of course, progressives can’t see the hate they’ve ginned up; they’ve just adopted a perspective where what they’re doing isn’t hate, but justice.

The Young Turks’ Hasan Piker wasn’t about to shed a tear for all of Trump’s MAGA supporters.

Good thing the Left doesn’t have an anti-Semitism problem.

Seriously … there could have been riots if the weather had been more conducive to angry mobs.

Here’s a great mini-thread of common sense and civility: