As Twitchy reported, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed that President Trump would sign Congress’s spending bill but then declare a national security and humanitarian crisis at the border in order to deliver on his promise of a border wall.

A lot of conservatives are warning President Trump against declaring a national emergency at the border to secure a wall, but then again, Trump himself has already declared three national emergencies, and there are 31 currently active.

This one’s different, though, because it doesn’t have bipartisan support; in fact, Democrat Rep. Mike Levin of California said in January that he’d fight Trump “in the streets” if he declared a national emergency at the border.

So, if Trump uses this tactic to get around Congress, what might a future Democrat president do?

NBC News political reporter Benjy Sarlin isn’t a conservative, but he was feeling pretty snarky on Twitter:

You mean like refurbishing or rebuilding every building in the country and constructing a network of high-speed rail lines that would make airplanes obsolete?

As in, all of the Democrat senators who have declared for 2020 have endorsed the Green New Deal.

The obvious solution is to never let another Democrat near the Oval Office ever again.