Again, we don’t normally feature random people in posts — but sometimes a tweet is just so special that it requires examination and analysis.

It’s been a weird week so far … the governor of Virginia is disgusted that you were disgusted by his support for post-birth abortion, which unfortunately no Democratic senator seems to have caught, most of all Nancy Pelosi. (If you remember, Pelosi also had called for an investigation of those undercover videos showing haggling over aborted baby parts at Planned Parenthood to see if they were faked — even though she claims she never watched them.) Huh.

So here’s perhaps the most unhinged response we’ve heard regarding abortion today. Not that it matters, but we’re guessing from her blog that Julie is a transwoman from the U.K.

Is that a unique take, or do abortionists like Kermit Gosnell and his colleagues actually think like this?

Nah, we checked out Julie’s timeline — this is not a parody.

A stunning ideological victory for Julie!

The person who advocates abortion because of how expensive that parasite is going to be until it moves out of the house wants to lecture us on the death penalty and homelessness.