OK, we had our minds blown last night when, after appearing on a radio show and advocating for infanticide, Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam tweeted that insinuations that he hadn’t devoted his life to caring for children were “shameful and disgusting.”

One more time: The guy who just got done talking about how he was cool with aborting a baby after it had been delivered was disgusted by “insinuations” against him not caring about children.

And he’s still at it. Poor Gov. Northam just finds it disgusting that he’s been personally insulted. That’s what disgusts him.

Here he is at a press conference where he said he has no regrets about what he said or how he said it.

Hey look, it’s Media Matters alumnus Oliver Willis feeling sorry for the position Northam is in:

Our heart aches for the pain this poor guy must be going through.