Man oh man is CNN touchy about the allegation that the cable network lost interest in reporting on the border situation by a reporter at KUSI in San Francisco after they found out the reporting didn’t fit their narrative. CNN’s PR arm shot back with a statement that CNN called several stations looking for a reporter and ending up booking nobody.

Here’s how things stand now:

You’d think this would have blown over by now, but even President Trump ended up tweeting about the incident, and now CNN’s Bill Weir has called out KUSI’s co-anchor by name and asked how it felt to sell a chunk of her soul. Whatever happened to attacking journalists being a bad thing?

In all honesty, it’s absolutely possible that KUSI didn’t really know why CNN didn’t follow up on their request for a reporter on the scene. But you’ll have to forgive us if CNN thinks they can take the high ground after activist reporting like pushing the narrative that troops serving overseas at Christmas should be disciplined for having a visiting President Trump sign their personal MAGA hats. (The official answer: no.)


Looks like Brian Stelter and Oliver Darcy are CNN’s hall monitors, but Bill Weir’s the assistant principal whose office you’re sent to for a stern talking-to if you’re caught reposting a Trump tweet.

Fact-check: True.

Sure, CNN always looks at both sides of the story — here’s Jim Acosta clearly saying blame for the shutdown lies with both President Trump and the Democrats:

Pretty defensive there.