If anyone was actually surprised about CNN declining to air news that doesn’t support their anti-Trump agenda and narrative (like the story on the border from TV Station KUSI) then they haven’t been paying attention.

Sean Hannity shared the piece about KUSI from Dan Bongino’s site:

Which got the attention of all-around media nag and honorary Hall Monitor, Brian Stelter:

We suppose the irony of Brian complaining about another pundit ‘spreading BS’ is lost on him.

Anyway …

Ryan Saavedra was good enough to screenshot Brian’s comments back and forth with Brian Flood and Steve Krakauer about the KUSI story and looking at it like this may in fact be one of the most hilarious things we have seen from Brian in a long while.

And what makes it even funnier is that he wasn’t trying to be funny.

‘Daily production decisions.’

Alrighty then.

Hackety hack, don’t talk back.

Doofus is a nice touch, doncha think?

Good ol’ CNN.



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