Seems the President of our fan club, Sally Kohn, is unhappy with the fact that one of our most brilliant editors saw fit to include her adoration of Angela Davis who has recently been accused of being an anti-Semite in an article with other Davis supporters.

Somehow it’s our fault that people found her tweet worth criticizing, or as she put it, ‘Conservatives came at her.’ Because you know, we just crack a whip and people CHARGE! Ok, not really but imagine if we had that power … MWAHAHAHAHAHA.

Uh, you’re welcome?

Oh, and gold star if you recognized the play on He-Man in our headline.

But Conservatives SHUT HER DOWN because we made them … or something.

Even Twitchy editors can fangirl … Charles C.W. Cooke is so damn cool.

All no.

What this person said. ^

Just a thought.

But somehow this was all our fault.

Guess with great power comes great responsibility.



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