In case you missed it, there was a bit of a kerfuffle regarding activist Angela Davis; it seems the Jews got to the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and persuaded the organization not to present a human rights award to Davis at a gala event.

“Upon closer inspection of Ms. Davis’ statements and public record,” the BCRI board voted to rescind its invitation. Probably all the anti-Semitic stuff that did it.

Davis will appear at a Social Justice Summit organized by the Black Alumni Association at UCLA later this week, the Daily Caller reports.

Matt M. Miller writes:

Davis was reportedly deeply involved with the Communist Party USA, as well as the Black Panther Party during the Civil Rights Era. She was linked to a courtroom shooting in 1970 in Marin County, California, allegedly supplying firearms and ammunition to a black teen who shot and killed a judge as he attempted to escape with two black convicts who were being prosecuted for killing a prison guard. In the days following the incident, the FBI listed Davis as one of their ten most wanted fugitives. Davis was eventually sent to jail for her connection to the courtroom melee, but was acquitted for all charges since her technical ownership of the firearms used in the shooting was not substantive enough for her to be found guilty of involvement.

We thought liberals hated guns. All of that aside, plenty have stepped up to speak in defense of Davis, including people we (used to) see on cable TV quite a bit.

Also weighing in in defense of Davis is Electronic Intifada, which describes itself in its Twitter bio as “Palestine’s weapon of mass instruction.”

Electronic Intifada … that’s some nice company.

Kohn got a lot of blowback for her tweet picturing her with her hero and declaring that “standing up for Palestinian rights is not anti-Semitic.”


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