Over and over again, all we hear from the Left is that there isn’t a crisis at the border and that even if there was, a wall wouldn’t help. Then over and over again they don’t bother to explain any of the facts or reasoning behind these claims.

Which means more likely than not that they’re totally full of crap.

Dan Bongino put a challenge of sorts out to those who claim a wall won’t work …

Because walls are racist and immoral and stuff, duh.

Don’t make that face at us, Lefties really do believe that nonsense.

Well, Nancy’s wall is ok because she’s a Democrat.

This sounds like the script for a Dwayne Johnson movie.

We know we know!

‘In their right mind’ is key phrasing, chief.

But if Border Patrol sees them they can say stop … and then say stop again when they don’t stop.


‘Nuff said.


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