As we told you yesterday, CNN’s Resistance reporter Jim Acosta did a series of reports from a border area in Texas and inadvertently ended up making Trump’s case for him about the effectiveness of border walls. On top of all that, a San Diego television station that has reporters with plenty of experience covering border wall issues was initially contacted by CNN for a story, but watch KUSI anchors describe what happened next — Or what didn’t happen next as it were:

Yep, somebody just got called out!


It’s quite telling, though perhaps not incredibly surprising.

It takes some nerve for CNN to continue to call themselves the “facts first” network.

At all cost!

But only the “facts” that fit the preferred talking liberal talking points.

And it’s become clear that CNN is not the place to go for “the rest of the story,” or any of it in some cases.

UPDATE: CNN has responded, and you can read it here.



‘OUCH!’ Former CNN reporter SHREDS Jim Acosta’s journo credentials after backfired border hackery