As Twitchy reported Wednesday night, sparks were certain to fly when Bloomberg News’ Jennifer Epstein landed at Ramstein Air Base with President Trump and posted photos of airmen holding up red MAGA caps and a Trump flag.

Hands were wrung hard at CNN, because politicking in uniform is against regulations. (And no, Philippe Reines, Trump didn’t bring a bunch of MAGA hats with him to hand out.) is reporting, however, that the airmen did nothing improper by holding up their MAGA caps to greet the president. reports:

U.S. Air Forces Europe said troops holding “Make America Great Again” hats during President Donald Trump’s visit Thursday to Ramstein Air Base were not in violation of military rules that prohibit taking part in partisan activities while in uniform.

“There is no rule against Airmen bringing personal items to be signed by the president,” USAFE said in a statement.

USAFE said troops held the hats for signing, but did not wear them while in uniform.

Sorry to everyone who was hyped to see service members punished for breaking the rules, but the Air Force sees no problem.

And here’s the Commander in Chief shaming the fake news media once again: