Another day, another “fake news” sighting:

In Japan, President Trump joined Japan’s prime minister in feeding fish food from two boxes. Some in the media, because everything must be twisted into a gaffe of some sort, were quick to try to turn it into an embarrassment for Trump:

CNN’s video zooms in and doesn’t show the full picture:

Hmm, there’s some context missing from that video! In reality, the embarrassment was again on the part of the media who pushed another piece of #FakeNews:

After another bogus narrative was spotted, attempts were made to reel it back in:

2,700 retweets for the “OMG look at Trump” tweet, under 100 so far for the full context tweet.

Too late though, because of course the bogus spin had already caught on:


And the media wonders where all the distrust comes from?

It definitely won’t be the last time they do it.