As Twitchy reported, Parkland survivor and anti-NRA activist David Hogg took a year off between high school and college to devote to energizing young voters for the midterm elections.

Now we say this all the time, but there were about 3,000 Parkland survivors, but the media made it clear that only a selected few would become household names, like Hogg and Emma González, who with three other classmates had a blurb written about them by former President Barack Obama in TIME’s “100 most influential people” list for 2018.

But Hogg’s 15 minutes never seem to be up, and TMZ reported on his acceptance to Harvard.

Seriously? Good for him. We don’t think the Harvard environment will do much to shake him out of his bubble, but who knows?

We really don’t want to dunk on a kid for getting into college, so we’ll let Twitter do it for us.

We’re curious to see where equally active pro-NRA Parkland survivor Kyle Kashuv ends up, seeing as he scored 1550 on his SATs but very low on the SJW scale.

(We love this kid.)

Sopan Deb writes for the New York Times, so you know his take is straight down the middle.

Well, he did complain after the midterms that the gerrymandering on college campuses was ridiculous. And he did give us this gem:

No, they’re not news. Nor was the resignation of the sheriff’s captain who gave deputies the order to stage outside the school. Nor were the reassignments of the school’s security supervisor and an assistant principal who told students to “Google autism” when they approached him about the shooter’s disturbing behavior.

But hooray for Hogg for taking on the NRA and getting accepted to Harvard (not that there’s any connection there).