We’ve been wondering two things about Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., the site of a mass shooting in February: when would anyone be held accountable, and when’s CNN’s follow-up town hall now that we know the officer assigned to the school hid while other officers were instructed to stage around the building and wait while the shooting continued inside?

Finally, it looks like someone is being held accountable … if that’s an acceptable synonym for being reassigned to another building.

The Sun-Sentinel reports that three staffers and the school’s security specialist are being reassigned to other administrative locations. Among those staffers is assistant principal Jeff Morford, who reportedly told two students who brought their concerns about the killer to him to “Google autism.”

And now it looks like some students are trying to organize a student walk-out to protest the reassignments:


Wasn’t it enough that David Hogg and Sheriff Israel blamed the NRA?