If CNN was even trying to hide its bias before by rolling out that “Facts First” branding, the network has completely given up on being objective. As Twitchy reported, CNN’s “breaking news” chyrons aren’t breaking news at all — they’re mini editorials against President Trump. Here’s one after a suspicious package was sent to CNN:

That one was nothing compared to this one as Wolf Blitzer talked to Jim Acosta, who was at a Trump rally in Indiana:

“CNN Poll: 7 in 10 say vote meant to send message to Trump, as president uses fear and falsehoods to send his own message.”

Yeah, Democrats never use fear-mongering and falsehoods, … you know, like telling Sen. Susan Collins “You’re voting to kill me” by confirming Brett Kavanaugh or saying “more women are likely to die” if the Republican candidate in Colorado is elected governor.