BREAKING: CNN is its own worst enemy.

Holy cow.

Editorializing in their chyron like it’s somehow ‘breaking news’ that Trump ticked them all off … again. At this point, the only breaking news for CNN when it comes to Trump would be if they AGREED with or supported him.

Otherwise, this is really just more of the status quo:

Brian Stelter. *sigh* What can we say, Tater is going to tater.

Wonder if he understands that he’s doing the same damn thing he’s accusing Trump of doing for his own base?

We’re going to guess no, self-awareness doesn’t seem to be his thing.

He could have stopped after the word, ‘liberal’.

This will never not be funny.

And yes, it’s true.

But they’re brave like firefighters!

Shhh … they are busy playing the victim.

Politicizing their coverage of the pipe bombs … yup. Which takes us back to their grossly biased chyron.

They don’t even try to hide it anymore.


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