It would seem Chris Cuomo isn’t even bothering to hide his bias anymore, not that he ever really was but this was pretty blatant even for CNN. It started when he interviewed Anthony Scaramucci since he’s an expert on Trump because he worked for him for like two hours.

Scaramucci claims Trump isn’t really a nationalist, which is probably true when it comes to today’s definition. And considering Scaramucci was willing to talk a little smack about Trump (even if it was oddly like he was defending him), Chris called him ‘fair’.

And then he tweeted something monumentally stupid.

Trump folk?

What the Hell is ‘Trump folk’?

It sounds like an incredibly smug and condescending way to write off a large part of the country but hey, maybe we’re jumping to a conclusion and Chris meant something else.

Ummm nope.

Guess not.

Wonder if he realizes he literally just described the media while Obama was president.

What he said.

Our apologies to any garden tools that may be offended by being compared to Chris Cuomo.

Crazy impressive and not in a good way.

No, no they do not.

The way the Left responded to both Chris’ and Boris’ tweets is proof of that. Sure, there were a few people sprinkled in calling this out, but most of the responses were from Leftists kicking Trump supporters and treating them like they are less than and stupid. And truth be told, this editor wasn’t (and isn’t always) a fan of Trump, but seeing the way people disrespect his base and his supporters she is finally starting to get it. Why people voted for him in 2016, and why they will again in 2020.

Chris Cuomo and the other yahoos in the media and on the Left are the best political ad for Trump … ever.

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