After a series of ‘pipe bombs’ were magically sent to a large group of visible Democrats (and to Brennan through CNN?), President of CNN Worldwide, Jeff Zucker, released the following statement:

Awww, ok. So basically what ol’ Jeff is saying here is that Trump is somehow at fault for the crazy person (or people) who sent a bunch of what is starting to look like fake bombs to several Democratic has-beens. Gosh, that’s not divisive or anything, Jeff.

Sarah Sanders called him out:

Of course, he chose to attack and divide, it sells. If Jeff had said he agreed with the president and that the violence should end the yahoos who still watch his network (all eight of them) would immediately meltdown and call for boycotts on CNN.

Silly, those don’t count. Only a bunch of what looks like fake pipe bombs that were misaddressed with misspelled names and locations sent to a bunch of Democrats who maybe mattered in 2016 are worth reporting on.


They can’t understand why or accept that Hillary lost. Even now.

Yup, what else is new?

Sums it up nicely.


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