Oh, it’s ON. During a campaign appearance in Iowa Tuesday night, President Trump called the Democrats an “angry mob.”

Sure, some women ambushed senators in elevators to scream in their faces, while other women had to be dragged screaming from the Senate gallery during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation vote. Quite a few moved on to pound on the doors of the Supreme Court building, inside of which Kavanaugh was being sworn in.  It sure looked like an angry mob.

But the talking points must have gone out, because lefty publications and cable news networks are doing everything they can to convince you that angry mob you saw with your own eyes on TV wasn’t an angry mob: it was protesters doing their civic duty.

As Twitchy reported, the Washington Post had a piece accusing Republicans of trying to “recast” Democratic protests as unhinged anarchy. And today, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin clutched her pearls at the very mention of “the m-word” in connection with protesters driving Sen. Ted Cruz out of a restaurant. Sounds like he was mobbed to us, but don’t let Baldwin hear you say it.

And now, liberal Talking Points Memo is doing a “Republicans seize” piece on the GOP stoking fears of the left-wing mob.

Senator Orrin Hatch, who’s pictured in TPM’s tweet, had something to say about Republicans seizing as well:

Lest anyone forget, there were plenty of angry and violent mobs when Trump was campaigning too, and angry mobs after Hillary conceded. None of this is new.