Now that every single left-of-center journalist has written a think piece on the anti-press “hate movement” demonstrated by some Trump supporters chanting “CNN sucks” Tuesday night, maybe we can turn our attention to some actual violence.

Remember this from Tuesday night?

Yeah, hey, Sen. Schatz … do you remember that Trump campaign rally in San Jose after which Trump supporters were attacked, sucker-punched, egged, etc., by a mob that was waiting for them to funnel out the entrance of the venue? Not the violent mob that attacked supporters at the Albuquerque campaign rally and threw flaming debris at police — it’s easy to get the two confused — but the San Jose rally?

Well, it turns out the victims of the mob can sue San Jose’s police department for failing to protect them. Harmeet K. Dhillon is a trial lawyer:

Fox News reports:

Supporters of then-presidential candidate Donald Trump who were met with flying eggs and punches from counter protesters during a June 2016 San Jose campaign rally can sue the city’s police for allegedly failing to protect them, a new court ruling said.

Trump supporters – many sporting red Make America Great Again hats – who were attending a rally at the McEnery Convention Center were met with hundreds of anti-Trump protesters as they were shepherded out of the building via a single exit.

The suit’s 20 plaintiffs claim in a lawsuit that police knowingly ordered them to leave through an exit where protesters were waiting, despite the existence of a safer route and other exits, the San Francisco Chronicle reported last week.

Why didn’t the police do more to protect Trump supporters? Twitchy reported on that at the time; police were afraid that intervening physically would further insight [sic] the mob.

“This is not a thing on the left,” so just ignore this video.

We just hope Jim Acosta is OK tonight.

They’re firefighters rushing into the flames.

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Reposting this golden oldie for the second time today just because we can’t help ourselves. “If” there is violence “after” Election Day …