As Twitchy reported Monday, it seemed like every social media platform in existence — including YouPorn and Pinterest — had banned Alex Jones and Infowars. Facebook, Apple, Google, YouTube, Spotify … all the big names — except one — got together and erased Jones from their services.

The holdout was Twitter, and CEO Jack Dorsey explained why in a thread Tuesday night:

For what it’s worth, accounts like The New York Times and Chris Cuomo and Rachel Maddow can spread unsubstantiated claims too, so it’s critical that the public document and validate their information as well.

Is it possible Jack did something right?

Or not.

He’s partly correct; giving Willis a Twitter account has made the world worse.

Yes, that’s Jill Filipovic talking about “a healthy conversational environment.”

Did we mention that the Infowars app hasn’t been removed from the Apple store?